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SarchHolm is a software that will help real estate agencies and real estate agents to manage their property listing. Buyer or Customer can find their desire property by this website. We believe that this software is suitable for managing the property listing within a country to achieve the organization’s mission and reinforce the culture.This user friendly software is fully responsive and has many features. Hopefully this software will be helpful to manage your workplace to functionate to it's full potential.

The documentation is written in a chronological order . There are some dependencies that need to be maintained properly in a sequential order . Please try to follow that . You can also search using the search bar for a specific query.

The software is built on most popular PHP framework Laravel(Version 8). The minimum requirements for running the software is listed below .Please do check if your server matches those requirements


Please note if you try to install the application on any other server say LiteSpeed or IIS, you may get undesirable result. We do not recommend you to use other server than Apache or Nginx.

NB: We do not provide support for installation in localhost. Please follow the installation process, below.

If you are installing on localhost, please keep in mind that you’ll need Internet for installation. After installation, you can use SarchHolm without Internet. We suggest you use XAMPP for localhost. You can use other solutions like WAMP, MAMP etc. as well and installation process for all of them are same. Create a folder inside htdocs folder inside your XAMPP installation. Now copy the zip folder you downloaded from Codecanyon to htdocs folder and unzip it there. Rename it to whatever you want. Say, you have named it- ‘my-folder’. Now start your XAMPP (or whatever you are using) and go to your browser and access SarchHolm from your browser like- localhost/my-folder/.

Online Hosting
Upload the zip folder you downloaded from Codecanyon to your hosting and unzip it. Please make sure you configure your web hosting’s settings, so that it shows hidden files and folders. This is to ensure that if you copy/move the contents from the unzipped folder to any other location, you copy all the files including ‘.htaccess’, ‘.env’ files which are necessary for the proper functioning of the software. Now you can access the folder where you have SarchHolm from your browser.

Now follow the installation process below.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


After successful installation you can login with

If You face any error like- 500 server error or 403 server error, please first go to your project root folder and open the .env file and set APP_DEBUG=true. Then go to the page where you faced the error and reload the page. Now you should take a screenshot and send it to us at Support :, It will help us to quickly resolve the error.

After installation go to the project/root url.Then you will be prompt to homepage. In homepage at upper right corner you will get the login icon. After clicking the login you will you will redirect to login page.

The login credentials provided below are for initial usage only - do not forget to update your password after first successful login.

Admin Login:

Agent Login:

After successful login you will be redirected to the dashboard.

The system offers an informative,interactive and user friendly admin dashboard. The dashboard shows summarized information about the organization in a nutshell.

  1. This is the logo of your site.You can update/change it from General Settings under Customize Settings
  2. This is the name of your organization.You can update/change it from General Settings under Customize Settings
  3. View the software in full screen mode
  4. Notifications

Published Property
This section will show the total published properties.

Total Reviews
This section will show information about the reviews.

Total Views
This section will show the total page views.

Published News
This section will show the total number of published news.

Property view statistics
This graph will show you the pageviews as month wise.

DataTables is a table enhancing plug-in that offers sorting, paging and filtering abilities . In this software, datatable is used as a toll for showing data.
Here are some of the features and usage for datatable :::

  1. you can select how many records to be shown in a single page (10,25 or all).Default is 10
  2. Selector: You can select all the records/rows and perform action like print to pdf/csv/print or delete multiple rows
  3. Search: Search the records/rows using keywords
  4. Sorting: Sort columns

  1. View details of a specific record
  2. Edit/Update a specific record
  3. Delete a specific record

Country List
SarchHolm provides an easy to use location module system, where administrator can add multiple countries, and under one country administrator can add state and city .Later on, Administrator can edit / update or delete any location information.

State List
Administrator can add multiple states, and under a state different cities can be added.Administrator can edit / update or delete any state information.

City List
Multiple cities can be added under a state.Administrator can edit / update or delete any city information.

Real Estate -> Category.
Multiple property categories can be added here.Administrator can edit / update or delete any category information.

Real Estate -> Facilities.
The list of amenities of a property.You can assign one or multiple amenities of properties under this module.

Real Estate -> Properties.
You can view/add/edit/delete multiple properties using this module .

Admin can create, edit, update and delete packages. following image is the package list and package create page.

Package Create

Admin can create, edit, update and delete blog categories. following image is the blog category list and blog category create page.

Blog Category List

Blog Category Create

Tag List

Tag Create

Blog List

Blog Create

Admin can update his profile. following image is the user's profile page.

In Settings section admin can add language,add client testimonials, our partners section and website informations.



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